Turn working into solving

Solvd is remarkable pest management software that solves customers’ problems, delights users, and transforms businesses.

Solvd grows revenues, increases margins, and unlocks cash flows for pest management companies of every size.


Seamless user experiences

We burned the midnight oil to figure-out Solvd's user interface, so your employees and colleagues don’t have to.

Solvd offers frictionless usability and a user interface that adapts to communicate the most meaning from its data. In every instance, Solvd hides unnecessary clutter to surface key information for solving problems and facilitating customer interactions.

Revolutionary service orders

Service orders shouldn’t be stagnant, unactionable paragraphs.

In Solvd, service orders are intelligent workspaces that adjust in real-time to handle ever-changing pest problems and technicians’ varying levels of skill... so even novice techs seem like experts in customers’ eyes.

Solvd service orders direct and standardize technicians' work and arm techs with the information they need, whenever they need it, to deliver the best outcomes and capitalize on opportunities to satisfy and upsell customers.

Scheduling wizardry

Other vendors promise that their pest management software optimizes service assignments and technician routes, but none have delivered.

Solvd approaches the problem differently. We leverage tools that power global businesses such as UPS, DHL, and Maersk and supercharge those tools with pest management logic.

Solvd delivers assignment and routing solutions that, until now, haven't been available to companies other than the biggest logistics companies. At the same time, Solvd enables even the smallest companies to prioritize routing variables such as account value, service-order profitability, account familiarity, tech skills, and customer preferences.

Insightful data mining

Most pest management systems are mere repositories where data sit idly and fail to create value.

Solvd listens for changes in data, derives insights from them, and acts on those insights to change user-behavior, adjust marketing campaigns, optimize schedules, and orchestrate service execution.

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